Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Ready to Leaf

Getting ready to go is coming along, with the exception of losing my wallet. I'm getting more impatient to leave as the days go by. I'm sooooooo ready!
Everything I hear makes me love Thailand more. Except for the snakes. I know you people that think snakes are cute don't get this but... I really could live my life without seeing any snakes and feel it was full and happy. In fact, I'd like to. But I can give up those hopes and dreams right now from the sound of it. So, expect a snake story in the near future.

In the meantime... I've been procrastinating on this but i'm finally posting my little tribute to fall. It was arguably the best fall Seattle has ever known and I was foolishly too busy to take pictures! Fortunately, a friend from Pioneer School helped me out. Thanks Aaron! 

The road I drive to work. It was ridiculously beautiful.

That tiny person is Aaron.

I got to see the snow too before I left! Oh i'm not going to miss you, cold.

18 DAYS!!!