Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Search for Enlightenment

This video is based on information and footage from the 2014 International Convention tours in Myanmar. 
It briefly reviews things we learned to help us teach Buddhists more effectively. 

Buddhism takes many forms and can be accompanied by a wide range of beliefs and practices. However, because it often focuses on the life and teachings of one man, Buddhists may initially find it easier to relate to the life and teachings of Jesus. 

Belief in a Creator is not taught, nor are answers often sought to such questions as, 'Where do we come from?' or 'Why does God allow suffering?' 

The highest point in Thailand
Family is of utmost importance to many cultures that embrace Buddhism. Showing how the Bible can improve their family life is often of great interest to both men and women. 

Buddhism teaches that the end of suffering is reached only by countless lifetimes of good deeds and meditation. Since the reward is so far off, many Buddhists simply focus on giving offerings to ancestors and monks as well as being kind to others, while making the most of their life now. 

In contrast to Buddhist teaching, the solution to mankind's problems as presented in the Bible is quite simple and easy to understand. One teacher even referred to it as "a shortcut." By having faith in the ransom, a person only needs one lifetime to escape the effects of sin and death. Appreciation for the ransom can help them gradually build faith in God.

Hope this helps!