Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Falling in Love

With Myanmar.

You might too after watching this! There are a few versions of this video floating around, but this is the one I made for my aunt and uncle who came with us to the convention from Florida. They are in the Cambodian group in Jacksonville. After Myanmar, they finally got to go to Cambodia to see what it was like for themselves. They loved the ministry there!

If you'd asked me two years ago if I would ever go to international convention, I would have said probably not. I thought it would always be prohibitively expensive, seeing as how we had been accepted to several in the past but repeatedly chosen to back out.

Once again, in the month before convention, I felt a financial squeeze. I worried I had been frivolous. Was Special Convention a need? Was it wise to shorten an assignment to pay for a vacation? I had mixed emotions.

Then I went to Myanmar. It soon became clear that I could have paid twice as much for that experience and it still would have been a bargain. It probably changed the course of my life. But i'm still figuring that out!

So not only did I learn that special/international conventions are a privilege to always reach out for, but I learned to stop guessing what I can do or where I will be. Because two years ago, I thought I would never make it to an international convention. But now i'm attending two in one year! Not to mention, at the second convention, we won't simply be attending. We'll be hosting! Seattle's international convention is coming up fast and there's so much to do. It's incredible. Jehovah has so many surprises waiting for us.


Thanks for reading!